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 what our clients say
Our foremost goal is having satisfied clients.

"A year ago we kicked off an addition and whole home remodel project with Four Seasons. Our timing was fairly compressed as we wanted to be back in our home by the start of summer.

    The work was done well and any and all concerns were addressed quickly as we went through the project. Very few issues needed to be addressed when we did the final walk through in May. The quality of work was very good. It has been six months since we moved in and we have not been disappointed with any aspect of the project.
Lou did an outstanding job following up on items and ensuring our expectations were meet throughout the project. We are happy in our new home and we would highly recommend Four Seasons."

      Ed Kopkowski
      Lake Lavine, Michigan

“I contracted Four Seasons to do a major renovation on my house while I was on vacation.  I returned to find the job completed and the quality of the workmanship was excellent. Four Seasons is the contractor to use for a quality job, completed on schedule, at a reasonable price.”

     Greg Van Curen
     Fremont, Indiana


"I chose Four Seasons because of their promptness and ability to get started on the job right away.  [Four Seasons] was very helpful in . . . working things out, getting decisions made."

     Sandy Hankins

     Kendallville, Indiana



"I am so thankful for the Four Seasons crew for remodeling my home after I lost my leg to cancer.  Now I have ramps to allow me to fully utilize my home and deal with my handicap.  These people really care, which is something hard to find these days."

     Carl Renner

     Angola, Indiana



"I am not familiar with the area and the reputation of local builders/remodelers.  I wanted a complete project by an experienced and capable company that understands all facets of home remodeling/construction.  I told Lou from the beginning that I can be very difficult to work with if you don't keep your word.  I felt Lou's honesty and integrity were readily apparent, and I was never disappointed in their craftsmanship, capabilities and willingness to listen and work with us.


Kelly and I felt we were dealing with a fair company that shares our morals and values.  I will gladly pay for quality and I am very pleased with the finished product.  Last year we were devastated due to the extensive [water] damage.  This year we are elated with the outcome of the remodel."

     Scotty and Kelly Ferguson

     Coldwater, Michigan (Bristol, Indiana)

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